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There are two infant group classes, ~ 4 years old (sugar beet) and ~ 6 years old (litho music class). Classes are decided according to age and experience.

​Rito music (rhythmic) Group Music Under 6 years old

Six-year-olds will have music lessons centered on rhythmics. It means moving your body to the music, dancing to the rhythm, hitting an instrument, etc., so that you can enjoy the music. At the age of 5, you will improve your comprehension, memory, and communication skills. At the same time as playing a music game or rhythmic, you will acquire the reading comprehension of the score by reading the score in preparation for the instrument to be learned later, singing while listening to the pitch, watching the rhythm and hitting, and giving a sense of equal pitch. It's about the age when you can feel a sense of accomplishment and confidence in such a little studying thing. This is the first step in music education for children who want to start learning musical instruments because their hands are a little small and difficult. Let's enjoy learning while doing some simple homework. It is also a decision experience class for parents who want to learn musical instruments but do not know if their children are interested in music. I don't have much contact with music at home, but I want to learn the piano, but can I really do it? I think there are many people who have the question. It is also recommended as a preparation period for parents, such as how the piano lessons starting from the senior and the first grade of elementary school are conducted, what are necessary to start, etc.


For children under 4 years old. The class lasts 30 minutes and is just fun. Sing a song by note name or learn the melody of a new song. Toddlers around this time are interested in singing and dancing and have genius memory. Let's enjoy studying while singing and dancing. As much as possible, we will respond to children's requests and sing and dance live songs that children usually listen to and love. If you have a request, please tell us your child's favorite song in advance. Incorporate it into the program of the class. When you are about two and a half years old, you can remember the faces of composers such as Mozart and Beethoven, and listen to the melody to guess who the song is. There are Beethoven fans a few years old (laughs). Listening to real music from a young age leads to the development of sensibility. English songs will also be included in this class. Anyway, these days when I have a good memory, my ability to learn English is amazing! If it's fun, everything is fine! And I remember everything and things that I found fun. It may be the same in a sense that it is also an adult. There's a lot to learn from the kids!

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