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​Price list

You can choose from 33 or 42 individual lessons per year, one time lessons, or a ticket system. Private lessons are available in 30-minute, 40-minute, 50-minute, and 60-minute courses. We will do our best for make-up lessons only if you are ill, or have unavoidable circumstances that you know in advance. In addition, national holidays such as Golden Week, Obon holidays, and the year-end and New Year holidays are closed. We will give you an annual schedule when you enroll.

The admission fee is 10,000 yen. Simultaneous enrollment of family members is an enrollment fee for one person. If your family member is already taking lessons, the admission fee will be 50% off. There is no admission fee if two family members are already enrolled.
There is no admission fee if you choose pre-school group class , one-off lessons, or ticket-based lessons.
Please pay the material fee for group lessons at the time of enrollment.

Private lessons


Preschooler individual lessons

30 minutes 33 times 9060 yen 42 times 11550 yen

40 minutes 33 times 11500 yen 42 times 14620 yen


Private lessons for elementary school students and above

30 minutes 33 times 9620 yen 42 times 12420 yen

40 minutes 33 times 12120 yen 42 times 15370 yen

60 minutes 33 times 18230 yen 42 times 21380 yen

90 minutes 33 times 22400 yen 42 times 28510 yen


Junior high school students and above

Twice a month 40 minutes 8080 yen

Twice a month 60 minutes 12120 yen


One-shot lesson

30 minutes 3870 yen 40 minutes 4680 yen 50 minutes 5950 yen 60 minutes 7120 yen



40 minutes 5 sheets  22000 yen

60 minutes 5 sheets 33000 yen

Music Group Class for Pre Schoolers

30 minutes 3 times a month 6300 yen

​ Music Group Class for preparation for Private Lessons

​30 minutes twice a month 4000 yen

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