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佐倉 広樹 Hiroki Sakura




Natsuko Imai 今井夏子


Born in Tokyo. Under the influence of my mother who was a piano teacher, I started playing the piano at the age of 2 and entered the music class for children at Toho Gakuen at the age of 4. Entered the music department of Toho Gakuen Girls' High School and studied under Hisako Ueno. After graduating from Toho Gakuen, moved to the United States. Studied under P. Dokovska at Manes Conservatory. Started teaching piano while attending Manes Conservatory. After graduating from the Manes Conservatory, he moved from New York to Chicago, Illinois, where he performed solo recitals and as a member of the piano trio, winning numerous awards. While attending the De Paul Conservatory, performed at the music festival The United Sounds America as a member of Amark Lavia. In addition to performance activities, he also teaches appearances at music festivals and competitions, and engages in music education at both private studios and music schools. Instructed at North Shore School for the Art, World Music Company, DePaul School for the Music. From 2013, the base of activities will be moved to Tokyo. I am in charge of music classes at Bilingal Kids Music International. Music director of Performing Poet Production. He mainly performs concert activities in his own production. Currently, he has studied under Hisako Ueno, B. Sultsky, P. Dokovska, E. Anjaparize, and J. Osorio.



I'm Natsuko Imai from the Imai Music School. Everyone calls me Natsuko-sensei ♪

I have been involved with many students so far. More than half of the current students are elementary school students, but I also teach kindergarteners to high school students, as well as junior high school and adult students.


As a piano teacher


don't know how I discribe myself as a piano teacher. It might be better to ask my students.  I think, I am friendly person. I guess, it is an American side of me.  I get along with everyone.

I believe that my job is to support students who make an efforts to push themselves up, regardless of their level, and also to help students who have hard time doing it. 

As a pianist


My strongest field in playing is the German classical school. It is an orthodox school such as Mozart and Beethoven. I also play Romantic composers well.  I play Chopin and Schumann often. I feel that the philosophical artistry of the German classical school suits me best. I don't think I'm such a hard person. .. I wonder if that's true?

I've been playing Rachmaninoff and Prokofiev lately, but I haven't had many opportunities to come into contact with Russian and French composers since I was little. From this experience, I try to give students a wide repertoire.

If someone asks me Who my  favorite composer is?  Beethoven, Schumann, and Brahms are the first composers that come to my mind.

Activities other than teaching the piano in the classroom

I am also an accompanist.  I play for music events in Seisen International School , (mainly chorus accompaniment). In student violin recitals and so on. 

Concert activities may also be held in production where I am the music director.

I also teach two  kindergarten classes.

The hardest job is to accompany the recital. I read more than 10 pieces, but many of them are written in chamber music settings such as "for piano and violin", so it is difficult to read multiple long and difficult songs. ..

Planning and playing a concert is the most luxurious thing. Organizing concert  is a lot of fun ♪ Concert planning is my favorite thing to do

I have summarized the questions that students often ask.

Q.  When did you want to be a piano teacher?


In fact, I never wanted to be a piano teacher. I answered the students, "I was aware of it," but it is true. I've been studying for a long time, so when I was a college student, my neighbors and acquaintances asked me if I could teach my child the piano. And before I knew it, it was my job.


Q.  How many students are there now?


I teach about 30 students, including those who do not come every week.


Q. How old is the youngest student you have ever taught?


I'm a 1 year old boy (just before I was 2 years old). At first, I was worried, but he listened to the 30-minute lessons seriously every time, saying, "Small children can't keep their concentration" and "Boys are better than girls ...."  It was a child who overturned the concept. The child was taught that concentration varies from person to person.

Q. When is it fun to teach?


When it's fun, or when I'm most happy, the child I've been learning since I was in elementary school or kindergarten becomes a junior high school student, and even when I'm in high school, they go to the classroom. The boy who has been learning from the lower grades is now in the second year of high school. When I was told that I wanted to continue even after entering university, I was moved by tears piercing my chest. .. .. ..


When a junior high school student was talking about moving and buying a new piano, he said, "I will continue to play the piano for the rest of my life."

I'm most happy when I feel that the piano has become a part of the student's life! Students make me cry once a month. (Impressed ♪)


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